Pyure Trio

Pyure Trio is a proprietary blend of Rebaudioside A, C, and D. The high concentration of Reb D found in Pyure Trio makes it the premier solution for sweetening carbonated mid-calorie soft drink formulations, as well as a vast array of beverage applications. Pyure Trio’s up-front sweetness, sucrose-like profile, and unmatched solubility combine to provide the ultimate in clean, smooth taste.

Pyure Trio Advantages:

  • Highly soluble in carbonated and noncarbonated beverages
  • High Reb D content make Pyure Trio the ideal solution for “mid-calorie” soft drink formulations
  • Total steviol glycoside content of 95% meets TECFA/FDA requirements for food and beverage
  • Sucrose-like profile provides an excellent up-front sweetness that is clean and smooth
  • Proprietary blend of Reb A, C, and D
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

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